Install Kenya College is an avowed and chartered private university. It’s committed to giving a holistic, inclusive, and broad-based program of education. The main university of MKU is found at Thika city on the outskirts of Nairobi. It strives to market individual resource growth and usher in modern great in society. MKU has adopted many internationally acknowledged techniques in its significant functions. It had enabled the faculty and pupils to gain awards, thereby observing itself as a school of excellence.

Probably the most vital part is academic resources. The school works to expand their physical facilities to guide quality learning and teaching. It features a well-equipped library, fitness center, research lab, and different facilities. Also, MKU has committed and competent teaching staff. It organizes seminars and conferences. Students get many opportunities to conduct researches and present them at conferences. MKU has quality assurance. It follows strict methods to monitor pupils’attendance through sign-ins. The files are up-to-date frequently at the university’s information system. It enables brains of divisions and deans to study the data.


Still another crucial part that makes MKU among the premier universities in Kenya is the integrity of examinations. The examination process is anchored in the university’s examination and statutes policy guidelines. They appoint outside and inner invigilators. Applicants are expected to submit guidelines from supervisors or employers. After choosing them, they’re given teaching on the tasks before deploying them to exam halls. The college also employs CCTV cameras in the halls to guide invigilators’work. Besides, MKU archives and limitations their students’pamphlets to guard their marks. Thus, pupils may stop worrying all about ‘missing marks.’ To gather further information on This please look at MKU.

An essential part of getting an knowledge is to find a class that’s on-demand and having the capacity to boost your skills. The short courses offered by MKU are made to provide these skills. A few of the programs include movement, film, cinema, CISCO certifications, Oracle, cyber-security, environmental impact analysis, struggle solution, peace reports, NGO management, strategic management, customer care, economic analysis, digital forensic, and plenty more. MKU entrance requirements change in line with the course. It strives to accept applicants who are able to lead and benefit from its academic community. The university’s admission specialists review applications and documents carefully to examine an applicant’s academic preparation.

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