Kit automazioni Rimini brings its origins from a family firm started in the 70s and presents itself as an exemplary company to select and resale high quality automation solutions. They pick and sell the best products of the Italian manufacturing of actuators, control components, and accessories for the automation of gates, doors and gates, chain lifts, and parking barriers. Their focus is particularly focused on DIY enthusiasts, that have the chance to save a good deal of money by installing our kits themselves, always easy to assemble and finish with very clear and detailed specific instructions.

When purchasing online, they will ask to specify some tastes such as the length of the guides, the size of the rack, the number of photocells, the amount of remote controllers, the existence of a battery, etc.. The gates in assembly kits are available with both 12 / 24V and 220V electricity supplies. The underground actuators for swing gates and folding gates are especially the most fascinating products. These distinctive components – in which construction quality is an extremely important variable – make it feasible to create undetectable automation, the actuators are, in actuality, underground, and there are no observable drives.

For many hours, internal photocells (in addition to the photocells placed on the gate columns) make it possible to install internal photocells which prevent the leaf from hitting people or vehicles that may be parked near the gate), Columns for photocells (once you opt to install inner photocells without any columns or columns where to set up the photocells, it’s important to set up special columns for photocells), Ground guide (a distinctive ground guide to be fixed to the ground on which conducts the pivoting wheel which guides the next region of the door), All kit automazione cancelli rimini is complete with clear instructions for assembly and link.

With this particular parking control, it’s possible to handle users’ entry and exit to the parking place in order that each user can access the parking place with only 1 car, blocking a second access effort using the same remote controller. This parking control is perfect in car parks in which each user is assigned only 1 parking space (business car parks, hotel car parks, etc.. ) Order your automated pole barriers from automizioni Rimini.

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